There are few people in the world who prefer to live alone, but many professionals have little time to date. They often count on matchmakers or online services to help them find a spouse, or they depend upon their family to keep a sharp eye for potential mates. Either way, finding someone takes time and effort from a group of people. This is just the first step, and the person must be willing to invest time to form a relationship.

Busy people who are lucky enough to find a spouse often forget the relationship does not end with marriage, and they might neglect their spouse after the honeymoon ends. This is a common reason for divorce in this group of people, but it works out well if both of them are highly driven professionals. When the other person is not a professional, they will either learn to live their own life as a spouse, or they will leave to pursue the life they truly desire.


When Two Professionals Divorce

For the majority of people, companionship only occurs when they have known another person for a long time


When the Honeymoon Ends

Comparing a spouse who stays home with one who earns a living is a quick way to ruin a relationship, and some busy professionals tend to do this


Making Time for a Special Someone

People excuse their behavior by promising they will be there in the future, but the future is not guaranteed.