Personal Drama Is Best for Others

Couples in Personal Crisis


When two people get married, they have their own expectations. Many of them chose to make a commitment because they believed they had the same values, and it is often true on the surface. They generally see issues and solutions in the same ethical light, but the shape of their lives can cause them to handle a crisis differently. It can bring them closer together, but it can also tear apart their relationship at the seams.

A crisis situation for a couple often involves a child or a close relative, and they lean on each other for support or solutions. It is unfortunate when there is no solution, but they do at least have the support of their partner. Any person with a partner believes they will face it together when a major life issue strikes, but they might find their spouse is not quite as understanding or supportive as they need.

People who are career driven often have the ability to put emotional issues into a box, and they can forget about them for hours at a time while they work. It is a talent that has given them the edge in forging their career, and it can help them succeed in many areas of life. When a personal crisis develops, they can put it away as they leave for work. They get away mentally from the situation, and they are often able to face it in a more rational way. Coming home to what they see as an overly emotional partner might become an issue when they realize their partner has failed to step back and look rationally at what they are facing.

When a personal crisis occurs, people will not always react in the same manner. Those who have an alternate focus in their life will gain some emotional distance, but their partner might be overwhelmed. Each person will be emotionally involved, but their partner might misinterpret it. Surviving a major life crisis will require each person to take the time to understand their partner as well as share support.