Personal Drama Is Best for Others

The Neglected Spouse


For many decades, psychologists have claimed it is better to be abused than neglected, but many people see this as a ridiculous statement. Abuse is often physical in relationships, and no one in their right mind would prefer that to being ignored is their reasoning. Sad but true, neglect is often more difficult for a person to overcome. The reason for this is because a neglected person is treated as if they do not exist, and this takes away any worth they have as a person.

When a spouse leaves a relationship due to neglect, their first goal is to find a way to reclaim a sense of self-worth. They need to bolster their esteem, and dating is not the answer for these people. Rather than jumping into another relationship where they might again fall victim to a neglectful spouse, they should take all the time they need to feel they can stand alone with confidence.

Being able to stand alone is a way to function fully as a person who needs no one else, and this is a mental state where people realize their own value. Those who wish to have companionship while being alone might choose to turn to an independent escort, or they can contact an escort agency. These people are professionals who provide a necessary service, but they do not expect any type of relationship. Once their time is up, they go home and return only when another session is booked.

Being with escorts is a way to socialize without the burdens of dating or commitment. They will listen confidentially, and they help ease loneliness during a time of emotional recovery. Since their role is a professional service, there is no danger of entanglement in an unwanted relationship. This gives the neglected spouse a chance to navigate successfully through their recovery no matter how long it takes.